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Kulish Cossatskyi

300 gr

Given the alarming moto cossack that he did while riding the horse in five minutes had put get under way in the war. Cossacks secret paths , horseback riding, gathered in arbitrary locations in ten ; ten, in turn, gathered in hundreds ; hundreds of shelves. But before one Cossack was obliged to have serviceable pistols and rifles , swords, kelep , spear, dry powder , bullets, entrenching tool , cheese in memory straps, bow and quiver of arrows and other military ammunition. All this lay or hung on a range of domestic doors pohvati . Near konovyazi the yard were always pref prisoners one or two good martial knight horse. Here we are at the horse hung faults harness , the main element of which is a Cossack saddle – saddle . To saddle were prytorocheni Sakwa (leather ball) . One of these small , made of rough leather ball ( Baggins ) nasypalos fried in oil millet. Cossack mother , sister or wife knowing about per minute opportunity to swoop Tatars and therefore in urgent need of collecting to battle brother , husband or son has wheat, carefully going over it in seven waters washed quietly whispered prayer , and poured oil on filled with flax seed market ( clay pan on legs ) and prosmazhuvala it in the oven. Fried in oil and wheat prosushuvalos zsypalos to ball ( torbochky ), which in turn prytorochuvalas ( tied ) to the Cossack martial saddle – saddle . Therefore, in case of alarm announcements , cossack instantly seized weapons sidlav horse and a few minutes quickly raced towards the assembling of a dozen points , necessarily having a order not to overload the horse, small volume and weight stock fried in oil millet – so it was bound to saddle leather pouch – a bag of millet – and given the name of the famous original dish our forefathers – Cossack Kulish !

Far away in the wilderness , hunting for ” prairie lyudolovamy ” Cossack with his sister typed in a pot of pure spring water , added a pinch of salt there , got a pref -associated to the saddle scoop a handful or two of wheat fried in butter , and had to be put in boiling water in an amount such that the soup when it will be removed from the fire , had a density of sour cream. It also is near a stream, struggled steppe garlic and half an hour society consumed famous Cossack soup . Thus, the Cossack soup – a derivative of Cossack dish with pre- fried in oil millet.
Kulish of fat called peasant or field .

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