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Shpundra with kvass on the plate


Ancient Ukrainian noble dish. A famous Ukrainian writer Ivan Kotlyarevsky in his “Eneida” called this ancient dish “the meat of a king”. Even Ukrainian hetmans (Cossack superiors) served Shpundra on great manor receptions. It was cooked of fresh pork. The meat of a pig was cut in big pieces and fried on the frying pan in a stove. Then the fried brisket was put in the cauldron. The same grease on the frying pan was used to fry onions with flour. Then onions were added to the meat. Red beet was cut in thin sticks or circles and was also fried on grease. Then the beet was put into the cauldron, sauced with kvass (kind of sour fermented drink), salted and peppered. Everything was stewed in a stove until it was ready. If the beet wasn’t sweet enough they added some honey – it gave the dish distinct sour-sweet taste. “The meat of a king” or Shpundra was usually served with parsley or celery.

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